Academy Match Report: Manchester United u18 0-1 Burnley u18 – Man United news and transfer messages

Manchester United’s first team was not the only team to make Tuesday night as u18 hosted Burnley at Moss Lane.

Getting the rare pleasure of playing at the stadium, it was visitors who first tested the goal by scoring an early shot from Lucas Wane who was saved by Eric Hanbury.

United looked to be having trouble with Sam Murray and Omari Forson’s efforts in quick succession, but neither of them could find the net.

The deadlock was broken in the 24th minute with the incredible long-range Dane McCullough action that put Burnley in the lead as his powerful strike found the bottom corner from 35 yards.

United responded with a dangerous free-kick from Sam Mather that knocked the bar over.

Ethan Ennis thought he was leveling when the ball hit him six yards, but the winger hit wide.

The score remained 0-1 in the second half and Burnley re-tested Hanbury in the early days as he saved Joe Smyth-Ferguson’s effort.

Ennis caused trouble again later, but left his shooting boots at home, hitting again widely.

Burnley nearly doubled the lead in the 67th minute thanks to Kade Ratchford finding some room to fire.

United struggled to the last seconds to equalize, which was a few centimeters closer as Forson hit the post with a daring kick from above, before Manni Norkett was stripped of a rebound after a fantastic save.

The ball eventually hit the net but could not hold out as the foul was committed on the Burnley goalkeeper.
After the defeat, United’s side remains in fourth place with five games to the end of the season.

States: Hanbury, Jurado, Bennett, Aljofree, Murray, Oyedele (Gore 70), Hansen-Aarøen, Forson, Mather, Hugill (McNeill 64), Ennis (Norkett 70)

Unused subtitles: Polakowski, Pye

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