Academy Match Report: Manchester United u18 2-2 ​​Blackburn Rovers u18 – Man United news and transfers

Manchester United’s U18 hosted Blackburn Rovers on Moss Lane yesterday evening in a game where they were able to jump past their rivals thanks to a third-place victory in the league.

United started off goals as Alejandro Garnacho swung the left flank and sent the ball over the edge of the penalty area to finish as Manni Norkett hit low but was saved on a corner.

On 8 minutes, Kobbie Mainoo found himself in the sideline on the left and his blow deflected from the Blackburn defender towards the goal, but the goalkeeper’s quick response was able to tip the ball over the post.

A minute later Habeeb Ogunneye swam too close to the goalkeeper and looked like a routine catch, but the Blackburn man did well tossing the ball into the net to give United the lead.

It was all United in the first 15 minutes, and Mainoo wanted to add a second as he freaked out into the penalty area with great force, keeping the defenders from handing him over to Norkett, but couldn’t beat the wide-angle goalkeeper.

Blackburn recoiled on 18th minutes as their left winger was on the sideline and stepped back as Leonard Duru finished off the sideline.

Garnacho reacted immediately by racing on the left side and cutting himself in before delivering a blow to the top right corner, which was only stopped by the goalkeeper’s incredibly strong hand.
After 20 minutes, Dan Gore pushed Omari Forson on the right, and the United midfielder looked at the goalkeeper, who was caught in no-man’s-land, but with his outstretched finger, he sent the ball very low.
The electrifying pace of the game eased later in the half, and the score remained 1-1 until half-time.
At the start of the second half, United put the ball into the net as Sam Murray played from the back on the left and he squared Norkett, who hit the ball but the referee’s whistle swiftly hit offside.

Later, in the middle of a substitute, James Nolan crossed the front post for Norkett to take the shot, but the latter flashed across the goal and wide.

In the 81st minute another defeat by the goalkeeper, but this time it was Radek Vitek from United. The left-hand cross should be easy to pick up, but Vitek took his eyes off the ball and poked it with his fingers at the goal.

Minutes later, Gore broke through two of Blackburn’s defenders and fell on touch to score a penalty. Forson walked over and squeezed into the lower right corner to level.

The final whistle broke out shortly after the final score was 2-2, leaving United in 5th place just one point behind Blackburn in 3rd place.

Due to several cancellations early in the season, the U18s are back in action in less than 24 hours as they face the Wolves at lunchtime kick-off on Wednesday.

States: Vitek, Ogunneye (Nolan 61), Bennett, Jackson, Murray, Mainoo, Gore, Forson, Hugill, Garnacho (Berry 61), Norkett

Unused credits: Wooster, Williams, Curley

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