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Manchester United had their last season that had to be forgotten. Not only on the pitch but also off the pitch dominated the headlines as during the unfortunate six months in office of interim manager Ralf Rangnick, there were reports of accidents on the training pitch, a cracked locker room and frequent leaks from inside the club. But now that Erik Ten Hag is about to take over the English giants, reports have surfaced that the Dutchman will not suffer fools and will implement a strict code of conduct, going back to the days of United under Sir Alex Ferguson.

According to The Sun, the new manager sent an email to all teammates highlighting his thoughts on how he was going to proceed while hinting that he was a stickler to the discipline and what would happen if someone didn’t play. line.

A source told the publication: “The new manager sent the first-team players an email telling them that soccer is a team game and that no person is more important than any other.” His emphasis is on the team – despite United having world-class stars.

It was commonly said that during Rangnick’s tenure, many members of the playing team pulled in different directions, and the struggle for power in the dressing room further worsened the situation. This is not all included in the email. He also highlighted the importance of training and how fitness would be a key asset under Ajax’s former boss.

“She wants the players to train with greater intensity, to make each session feel like a game. The players were told that their fitness level would be the best they had ever had and that if they kept it and supported it, they would be okay.

“If not, they’ll walk out the door. They will be drilled and bored until they do it right. And if they can’t, it will replace them with some promising young people, ”the source quoted.

This is understandable given the type of season the club has had. The 20-time England champions finished sixth, accumulating the lowest number of points in history and conceding the most goals. It’s not everything. Cursed statistics show that the Red Devils ended up in the top three by distance traveled during the season.

The German who succeeded Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was famous for introducing a dynamic and exciting playstyle wherever he succeeded. But this was never seen at Old Trafford where the team was unable to maintain the required levels of intensity and physical fitness. This may be due in part to their level of fitness as well as a lack of concentration and willingness.

Now everything will change under the rule of Ten Hag. No player will be exempt from this rule, as current United midfielder Donna Van De Beek has already warned about.

The email also mentioned how the 52-year-old would also delve into the private lives of his players, which was what Sir Alex was famous for. Information such as how players like to spend their time off the pitch and what hobbies they have will be analyzed to find out how to accurately manage the different personalities present on the team.

“He will be a bit like Sir Alex Ferguson,” the source said. Fergie knew absolutely everything about his players and hated any fools with joy. Not the Ten Witches.

There will be huge upheavals at the club and it remains to be seen how the players are doing and what these measures will mean in the long run. One thing is for sure: Erik Ten Hag is business!


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