Frenkie de Jong’s official bid has been made by Manchester United, Manchester United claims. News

Manchester United has made FC Barcelona an opening offer for the Frenkie de Jong transfer, according to a report from Spain.

De Jong is believed to be United’s main transfer target this season, and the two clubs reportedly moved closer to an agreement last week.

The player stumbled to stay with the club, but the 25-year-old’s recent comments while serving for the Netherlands suggested that he was not 100% happy at Camp Neu after all.

Yesterday a leading Spanish outlet March claimed that “Between the pressure that [United manager Erik] This Hag is very busy and what he will have to experience next season at Camp Nou, the player becomes more and more clear that his future is far from Camp Nou.

“United also moved into the offices and made an offer of € 60 million (£ 51 million) in fixed plus a further € 20 million (£ 17 million) in variables.

“These amounts are in line with Barcelona’s demands and are seriously considering this proposal.”

Following this report, a story surfaced late in the evening that Tier 1 journalist Gerard Romero said: “One of the players’ agents has just written to me that the Frenkie de Jong trial for Manchester United has been activated.”

However, so far we have not been able to verify where and when Romero said this.

Marca is also usually a fairly reliable source, but no endorsement from outlets closer to Barcelona such as Sportand the silence of a leading soccer outlet HOW and leading transfer guru Fabrizio Romano are putting a slight question mark on the veracity of the reports.

Sport itself claimed last week that United signaled to Barca they were prepared to pay the amount, but so far have not made a formal offer.

The story therefore seems to boil down to whether or not this formal offer was actually made.

If so, as Marca claims, it is a huge leap forward in the deal, as it is widely believed that the Red Devils would only make a formal offer once they knew the player would be willing to join them.

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