Paul Pogba described Man United’s contract bid as “nothing”. News

According to a new documentary, the key reason Paul Pogba left Manchester United was because the contract renewal offer they made was too small and overdue.

Pogba leaves Old Trafford as a free agent in two weeks, bought for a record 105 million euros in 2016.

Despite this gigantic fee, his World Cup victory and all the hype surrounding his return from Juventus to Turin, the six years that followed at club level, in addition to the occasional championship classes, was a huge disappointment.

Athletic A report from the trailer for the movie “The Pogmentary”, which will be shown tomorrow on Amazon Prime, which will shed some light on the world of Pogba.

The film shows interesting conversations with the late Mino Raiola, a French agent, in which it was revealed that Pogba’s reaction to United’s offer was to call her “nothing.”

The Athletic cites the following section:

“Has Manchester (United) made a second offer?” Pogba asks.

“YES. They absolutely want you to stay. For me, the offer doesn’t reflect that. I told them,” If you want him to stay, don’t make that offer. “I’ll make them understand that if they really want you to stay and want to build a project around you this time they have to act differently and put the money on the table. “

“They’re bluffing,” says Pogba. “How can you tell a player that you absolutely want him and offer him nothing? I’ve never seen it.

In another section, the 29-year-old says: “My thought process is to show Manchester they made a mistake while waiting for a contract … and to show other clubs that Manchester made a mistake by not offering me a contract. “

Article author Oliver Kay seems confused by these comments, noting that in fact United “made at least two offers worth more than the existing £ 290,000 a week deal that made him one of the Premier League’s highest paid players.”

The report shows that Pogba and his entourage had miscalculated and thought there would be other offers that would be better than United’s offers.

This just did not happen and it led to Hobson almost being left with the choice of returning to Juventus for a salary well below what United paid on the table.

It is estimated at EUR 8 million a year, which is only £ 132,000 a week.

Of course, this also comes with a big contract signing for a fee, but with a three-year deal that would have to be around £ 25m to match the package United is offering.

The fact is, the winner of the World Cup has no other choice. The report said there were no specific offers for him last summer and the only other club that showed serious interest was Manchester City, which Pogba felt “this is not the change of scenery” he needed.

In fact, Raiola clearly believed he could do better for his client than Juve, saying:

“No, no … Juventus can’t afford you anymore.” I’m here. I am also meeting Paris and I have already had two meetings with Barca. The market is like the sea: up, down, up, down ”.

But when PSG invests so heavily in keeping Kylian Mbappé, Real Madrid choose Pogba’s compatriot Aurelien Tchouameni, and with Barça’s continued financial problems, all Pogba’s other hopes are gone.

One caveat: there may be a feeling that he may be procrastinating with Juventus. Given that Barcelona is mentioned in the video, perhaps their pivotal meeting to sell TV and commercial rights to pay off debts could provide them with a financial lifeline to be late for Pogba.

Any potential sale of Frenkie de Jong to United has the potential to change the landscape as well.

The point throughout The Athletic article is that Pogba has become a club that is leaving; brand, a business venture in which soccer is almost relegated to second place commercially.

This is summed up in a scene with Rafaela Pimenta, the attorney with Pogba since Raioli’s death, who says:

“Pogba is something we’ve built… It’s a brand. He has emoticons, he has Pogmojis, he has cups. He has shows, he has hairstyles, and we hope to entertain people.

United might as well have avoided the bullet as the French turned away from a renewal offer.

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