2022 NBA Mock Draft: Top 10 Picks

The NBA 2022 Draft Lottery has come and gone, and the order of the draft is now determined. Teams will now start preparing their plans for the upcoming draft, and a fairly large group of players will enter the league.

These types of 2022 draft could have an impact on the point distribution for each of their new teams in the coming NBA season. Lottery types are expected to contribute immediately, especially for some of those teams on the list that have really struggled in recent seasons.

Creating a draft draft is not perfect science, but some players seem to be locked into a specific team. Trades can always affect the order of the draft as well, but here’s a good prediction of what the first round might look like.

1. Orlando Magic: Chet Holmgren

The Orlando Magic can go a few different ways with number one, and it’s a team that has a lot of holes to fill. Auburn’s Jabari Smith is a candidate not to be missed at the top of the draft board, but there is someone else to take first place.

Chet Holmgren has skills few in NBA history have had and will be picked by the Orlando Magic with the best pick.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder: Jabari Smith

With Magic taking Holmgren in first place, Smith is truly the only option for Thunder in second place. Oklahoma City has a few playmakers on the wing, but they need to improve in both offense and defense.

Smith scored more than 40 percent of depth last season at Auburn and could have an immediate impact on Oklahoma City.

3. Houston Rockets: Paolo Banchero

Houston picked Jalen Green a season ago and will now be able to pick Paolo Banchero in 2022. Banchero may be the most gifted player in the draft, and the Rockets will take third place if Duke’s previous star collapses.

4. Sacramento Kings: Keegan Murray

Things are really going to get interesting at number four because there are some great options here. Sacramento may go with Jaden Ivey to join De’Aaron Fox in the backcourt, but look for them to go in a different direction.

The Kings will pick Keegan Murray of the University of Iowa who could make a big impact right away.

5. Detroit Pistons: Jaden Ivey

If Ivey drops out of Kings in the fourth, look for the Pistons to catch him with the fifth overall pick. Ivey will link up nicely with the current roster and could become their best threat in a few seasons.

6. Indiana Pacers: Ochai Agbaji

Pacers need a lot of help, and choosing Ochai Agbaji can be a big first step when they want to start changing things. Agbaji has just led the Kansas Jayhawks to the National Championship and could be the future face of the series.

7. Portland Trail Sailors: Jalen Duren

Portland needs a runner’s companion to accompany Damian Lillard, but he also needs help in middle position. If Jalen Duren is still available at number 7, it’s hard to imagine Portland not jumping up to pick him up.

8. New Orleans Pelicans: Shaedon Sharpe

Shaedon Sharpe was the highest-rated HS player in his class when recruited by Kentucky. Sharpe never played a second for Kentucky for personal reasons, and that could have affected his action in the draft.

New Orleans will be looking for the best player available here, and that player is Shaedon Sharpe.

9. San Antonio Spurs: Bennedict Mathurin

Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs are always looking for a specific type of player in the NBA draft, and Bennedict Mathurin fits that pattern. Mathurin exploded on the Arizona scene last year and will be a formidable player in the next level.

10. Washington Wizards: Johnny Davis

Johnny Davis came out of nowhere to lead the Wisconsin Badgers a season ago and tweaked his design every time he hit the dance floor. Davis can do a little of everything, and his skill set will help wizards at both ends of the floor.

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