Will Duke win for Coach K? Christian Laettner weighs in

Everyone’s talking about Duke these days. Not only because Duke reached the Final Four for the thirteenth time in Coach K’s illustrious career, not only because they are competing for the 6th National Championship in Coach K’s career, but most of all because it all happens for what it is. Coach Mike Krzyzewski last season as a basketball coach on his way to retirement.

Could there be anything more dramatic or emotional about College Sports than what Duke has already done to get to this point on behalf of beloved coach K. Well Betway.com recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Christian Laettner, two-time national champion from Coach Ker, to talk about what it all means to him and Duke.

To show how good this interview is in the context of what is happening now at College Basketball and the 2022 National Championship Tournament:

What would qualify as a good end to coach K’s career?

I hope they are doing really well in the tournament as they did not finish the regular season with a home win against Karolina and they did not finish the ACC championship.

I think a good ending would be at least reaching the Final Four. Hopefully any Duke fan would be glad they sent Coach K with a win. Of course, winning it all would be his greatest gift, but they would have to play really, really good basketball six games in a row.

Do you have a favorite memory of coach K?

I can’t choose one thing. All I can say is that every day in the four and a half years that I was with him and training me, it was simply the best time.

I loved everything he did. I loved it when he was strict on us, I loved when he took us to the locker room and yelled at each of us, I loved when he would invite us to his house for dinner and his wife made chocolate chip cookies. Even if we hadn’t won two championships or went to the four Final Fours when I was there, I would still love every second.

But the interview doesn’t end there. Head over to check out the Q&A as Laettner discusses how he was recruited, how he thinks Duke will handle the K coach post era, and more CBB topics like Fab Five!

But we want to hear what you think about Duke. Do you think they can do it now that they are in the Final Four? UNC has looked good so far, and while they are the lowest seeds left in the tournament, they certainly don’t feel like the actual 8 seeds. Although Duke is in a 2 seeded event, we mustn’t forget that Kansas was the only seed that looked like he could make it through the final four.

Will the inspiration and excitement of trying to “do it for Coach K” make this Duke squad play like a favorite for only two more games to get that TOKEN?

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