2022 NFL Draft Day 2 Grades: Detroit Lions have mixed but mostly positive reviews

The Detroit Lions had a relatively quiet day 2 of the 2022 NFL draft after making some noise on Thursday. After moving aggressively to trade 20 seats with Alabama’s Jameson Williams on day one, Lions stayed in place with both picks on Day 2 on Friday night.

Their selections were opened by the defender of the Kentucky edge, Josh Paschal. He was a bit of a surprising choice on several levels. First, the Lions doubled up in the edge position when there were more pressing needs on the table. In addition, many had Paschal’s scores in Round 3 or later – although several stores found this selection to be exactly where it was designed.

The final choice of the day was a bit easier to understand. Kerby Joseph of Illinois not only met one of the team’s most pressing needs in terms of safety, but was also a valuable player at that point on the draft, a player on whom the Lions did a lot of research.

The national opinion about these types fits exactly into these lines. There were many questions regarding the Passover election, while most gave Joseph high marks.

Here’s what everyone is saying about the Detroit Lions’ Day 2 picks.

Pick 46 – Kentucky Edge Defender Josh Paschal

PFF: “Okay”

Kentucky Wildcat was one of the country’s top-rated defenders last season with a score of 90.0 points. Paschal is a strong, explosive player who can play inside and on the edge. It can be a tad stiff and get out of hand now and then, but it’s a good value for an all-round solid player.

CBS Sports (Chris Trapasso): B

Hair on fire reel with low center of gravity power. Handwork is decent. On the ground a little more than you would like. Reasonable bend, but not a specialty. A three-shot pusher that meets a need in Detroit. Even double up in position.

SI.com (Kevin Hanson): B-

Paschal is robust in the place of attack with his strength and violent hands. He is more influential as a run defender but could develop more as a pass thrower for Lions. While I like this player, this is sooner than I would take him as he is my 79th candidate.

Sports News (Vinnie Iyer): C.

The Lions is a dubious day 3 candidate pick, but at least it makes sense to support Aidan Hutchinson’s second pick in improving the edge. Paschal is a reliable pass pusher rock with some run resistance which can be more explosive.

Design wire (Luke Easterling): B

Aidan Hutchinson has a new Detroit running companion as the Lions add another dynamic passing rush on their defensive front. Paschal is an explosive, physical defender of the edge that should give the Lions the dominant duo for many years to come.

Pick 97 – Illinois Kerby Joseph security

PFF: “Very good”

Joseph still learns a lot about safe position, but he has unattainable skills and the length of the ball. He is also so easy to move and should take a look at safety in a split field and a field in Detroit. He just needs more job experience to truly become a legal starter in the league.

CBS Sports (Chris Trapasso): AND

One of the longest and sharpest security features in its class. Hip-fluency shows up in the video. He can really run. He will be a Detroit quarterback, but he has to trust his eyes and play with better reaction skills.

SI.com (Kevin Hanson): B-

Security was one of Detroit’s greatest needs, and that applies to him here with Joseph. The former Illinois defender has excellent range and length, and had five steals in his breakthrough 2021 season.

Sports News (Vinnie Iyer): C.

The Lions needed some safety and nickel depth, but Joseph doesn’t offer much over running and his strength lies in making licks within reach.

Design wire (Luke Easterling): B+

A fantastic combination of needs and values ​​for Lviv that keep you safe with the experience and qualities that allow you to start Day 1. Joseph is a versatile perspective that can make an immediate impact on the defense that is being renovated this weekend.

Overall ratings on 2

NFL.com (Chad Reuter): B +

Paschal, who as a cancer survivor knows a lot about overcoming adversity, plays with advantage on the edge and chases the ball bearers all over the field. With a compensatory choice made after the loss of Kenny Golladay’s receiver in 2021, Detroit caught the slim and competitive Joseph to meet a large need for security.

Cleveland.com (Tim Bielik): A

Brad Holmes really takes this project out of the park. Paschal is a good run-stopper and joins Aidan Hutchinson in an interesting defensive room in Detroit. Joseph didn’t produce much in college, but he has exciting tools for working in the field of reportage.

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