4 takeaways from the Lions GM Brad Holmes press conference before 2022

Detroit Lions CEO Brad Holmes spoke for approximately 30 minutes on Thursday afternoon – a week ahead of the NFL Draft in 2022. Holmes was full of questions about quarterback, positional value, draft trading, and the nature of soccer among many other topics. And while Holmes had apparently already mastered the art of speaking a lot while also revealing a bit, there were some interesting things that could be learned from his media sessions.

These are my four biggest conclusions from Holmes’ pre-draft press.

Don’t be surprised if the Lions swap out

Holmes said discussions about trading had been quiet so far, but he gave a much more interesting answer when he spoke about his general philosophy in the project. Holmes was asked how he reconciles patience in a draft with courageous movement. The CEO of Lions made it clear that if there was a guy he liked, they would chase him.

“If there’s a player we have an entry fee and want, I’ll try to get him,” said Holmes with conviction. “It’s just the end result. It’s worth being patient and sitting comfortably. You just need to judge where the value is on your draft board and what the volume and depth are. If the conviction is that high, yes, you can’t just sit and wait and be patient and see if that player will be there or not. Sometimes you have to be aggressive and go get him.

This reflects the way Holmes approached last year’s draft. Apparently he was trying to trade for Ja’Marr Chase, him they did turned into linebacker Derrick Barnes, and he almost turned into Levi Onwuzurike – who fell on them anyway.

It’s worth noting, however, that Holmes said that the number of players in each draft class he can be confident about is relatively low.

“Now, there aren’t always many of these players in a draft, but once that player is identified, I’ll always be aggressive,” said Holmes.

The Lions can take an unconventional position in 2

A few weeks ago, head coach Dan Campbell said something that stuck in my mind. Speaking of pick # 2, he noted that the team might not care about positional value as much as some draft analysts. They are more interested in getting a player they are sure of.

“We look at each scenario because there are some who ultimately are – some might say,” Well, is it worth doing it in two? ” No, we don’t care, ”Campbell said. “All that matters is that this dude will come and play and help us and be a productive player in this league for a long time for us. This is important to us. “

Holmes essentially reiterated these statements on Thursday.

“Just because it’s often said that… well, playing there, it’s going to be quarterback, passing pusher, attacking and all that sort of thing. But look, I said from day one, give me a game change in any position, and there are many positions where we can see potential players could change the game in the future, ”said Holmes.

Is the safety of Kyle Hamilton at stake? Will the Lions go to the corner with Ahmad Gardner or Derek Stingley Jr.? I wouldn’t take anything off the table.

Detroit is poised for loss

While the rumor has been quiet about the transition from the second overall pick, Holmes said it is always important not only to focus on the draft types currently available, but also on those you may potentially have.

“It’s not just about narrowing it down to the first two. Better have your five. You’d better have your top ten in place because you just don’t know what’s going to happen each day, ”said Holmes. “We’ve got it narrowed down and we feel confident where we are in terms of how we’ve narrowed it down. We’re just going to let the process unfold. “

He also indirectly mentioned the possibility of trading down from 32 when he talked about the value of the options for the fifth year for the first round elections, especially the playmakers.

“Is there a team sitting at the top or in the middle of the second round that wants to trade in front of us to pick a quarterback?” Said Holmes. “There is value.”

Brad Holmes is making his dream come true

From time to time it is important to take a step and remember the human beings who are in that position. Brad Holmes devoted the last 20 years of his life to the art of university scouting. This hard work has paid off and is now at the top of the Scout food chain as CEO. At the press conference, Holmes took a moment to express his gratitude for the completion of his dream job.

“I love it every day. Every day you have the opportunity to dive deeper into this process, you just love every second, every minute of it. Often it’s not a job, it’s your passion and what you love to do. So there are some exhausting, long hours and some tough decisions. There are, I don’t mean to say, sleepless nights, but there were nights when I used to wake up like, “OK, what are we going to do here?” But at the end of the day, I am very, very happy to be in the situation that I am in, and very happy for the staff that surrounded me who helped us through the process. But I just love it. I just love doing it. I would not like to do anything else. “

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