Ask POD: Submissions in Detroit Lions postal bags, KOOL AID SEASON edition

Organized team classes at the Detroit Lions will kick off this week, and we’ll get some answers to the questions we’ve been wondering about since the NFL draft a few weeks ago. Now we will find out what the Lviv depth chart looks like. We’ll see what players like Jeff Okudah, Romeo Okwara, Jerry Jacobs and James Mitchell are capable of right now.

But if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we won’t learn much about the band overall. The blueprints will be very vanilla – especially on media days – and without the shims, it’s impossible to really get an idea of ​​how talented and competitive this team will be in 2022.

In other words, don’t expect tons of questions to be answered in the next few weeks at Allen Park.


Me and Erik Schlitt are happy to answer your questions with the knowledge, insight, and argumentation skills we possess – or at least seem to have. The Lions letterbox is open and it’s your job to fill it. In the comments section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #AskPOD, send us whatever you have in mind and we’ll take a day or two to find and answer your best questions.

By now, you should know how it works. So let’s hear it.

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