Detroit Lions Live Q&A Show: Wading in Summer Waters

The Detroit Lions finished spring last week and we are now wading in the summer waters of the true off season. But don’t worry, because soccer never really goes away, and we here at the Pride of Detroit have tons of articles and podcasts for you.

This week we started our summer lineup preview series, our training camp will be out next month – we are less than a month away from Lviv rookies reporting to Allen Park – and of course we still beat podcasts on a regular basis, including our Saturday morning live with Q&A in the app Spotify Live.

Usually, Jeremy Reisman, Ryan Mathews and I (Erik Schlitt) get together and discuss last week’s events, but since Ryan is still trapped by his newborn baby, we’ll be just Jeremy and me again. Plus, if Ryan takes us by surprise and calls again, I promise I won’t do awkward things … like I did last week.

In any case, it’s always a fun show, and if you’ve never participated in it, feel free to join us live to ask questions, spend time chatting with fans, or just listen. We’ll spend around 90 minutes live and if you miss something we’ll be turned into a podcast around the next day.

TLDR version:

What: Detroit Lions telephone show
Where: Spotify Live App (Follow Jeremy Reisman @PrideOfDetroit)
When: Saturday June 25 10:30 ET
Who: Conducted by Jeremy Reisman and Erik Schlitt

If you have any questions about how it works, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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