Detroit Lions OTA Stock Market Report: 10 Honors from Thursday’s internship

The Detroit Lions are five practices in their organized team activities, two of which take place before the media. We only have a small taste of what this 2022 Lions team could be, but with two data points we can infer which players are going in the right direction and which are down.

However, at this early stage it is mostly positive. Players improve as they regain their sea legs and feel more comfortable with their teammates and the plan.

Today I’d like to highlight the 10 most notable performances from Thursday’s practice session – often compared to last week’s OTA session – to see who’s making progress and who’s not. Here are seven players who are going in the right direction and three who are struggling.

Stock up

Jared Goff

Thursday was one of the most confident sessions I saw at Goff on the training ground. During each exercise, he threw 40-yard bombs with perfect spirals and hit each receiver with a step, while a crowd of oh and ah pass holders. In full 11-by-11, Goff was sure that the laser had several passes through tight windows.

He held the ball for too long a few times, but a lot less than we were used to seeing. It is much further than it was at this point last year.

Benson Trinity

In defense of his trade for Trinity Benson, Lions CEO Brad Holmes said he believed Benson was a more developmental move that could pay off.

“Knowing he was young, Trinity’s goal wasn’t to be 2021,” said Holmes. “It was like,“ If he could contribute, great. If it takes a little longer to learn a new system that is running late, this is what it will do. “

Benson had an impressive Thursday, showing some of the close-range speed we were expecting to see early on – and some solid hands, to boot. He also watched the special teams. The highlight of his day, however, was a 20-25 yards dive.

There is no clear path to a 53-man for Benson, but if he manages to continue that trajectory upwards, he could land in the training squad and give him a chance to play if a mistake hits the team.

Josh Reynolds

It was clear last week that Goff was developing serious chemistry with DJ Khark. This week, his years of chemistry with Reynolds was in full view. During team exercises, Reynolds had at least three hooks, two of which were parties in tight windows for at least 20 yards.

The Lions may have to rely on Reynolds early in the season if Jameson Williams doesn’t fully recover from an ACL tear. But the way Reynolds played Goff last year and the way he started training off-season isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Jashon Cornell

Last week Cornell had some time defending the first team as Michael Brockers was eliminated and made some nice moves including a deflected pass or two. This week the Brockers returned and Cornell still saw a few glances from the first team. He managed to make an impression again – this time stabbing Jonah Jackson with a powered sack during a one-minute drill.

Cornell also takes a realistic approach to list building. The Lions don’t have much defensive offense outside of Brockers, Alim McNeill, and Levi Onwuzurike, and Cornell’s sneaky-explosive speed could be a pretty decent fit for that pattern.

Kerby Joseph

When Ifeatu Melifonwu was eliminated with a leg injury, Joseph had some time defending the other team and immediately seized the opportunity. His football instinct was apparent as he jumped ahead of a Tim Boyle pass and later almost picked up another in training as the pass bounced off Shane Zylstra’s hands.

Chris Board

The board only gains supplies because it spends a lot of time defending the first team, mostly alongside Alex Anzalone. Perhaps the Lions are planning on giving these opportunities to a few different players – as part of a heated competition in this room – but the fact that Board was first in line behind Derrick Barnes seems significant.

His performance was up and down the pitch. In one game, he perfectly timed the lightning attack on Break A and was untouched on his way to being forced to incompleteness. However, in range he struggled as Zylstra made it cleanly on the seam route to make a big profit.

Will Harris

Harris continued his reputation as a first team defender while Jeff Okudah sits in the team rehearsals and, more than ever, looked like he belonged to him on Thursday. His best reputation was against Amon-Ra St. Brown, where he basically ran the entire route for St. Brown and was in a perfect position to intercept. Were it not for a good “defensive” game, St. Brown, would have her. Even the finishes he quit on Thursday had to be for the most part perfect passes and tricky moves.

Looks like Harris might find a place on this list in a corner room. Though the competition is sure to gain momentum and Okudah and Jerry Jacobs will return to the field.

Stocks down

Tim Boyle

We saw Boyle doing two one-minute drills. His stats on both combinations: 1 in 3 for 10 yards, 1 intercept and two sacks. Its accuracy is far from being in team and individual exercises. He’s been holding the ball too long. Simply put, it doesn’t seem to be developing the way you would like for a player who is still relatively young and is finishing his first real NFL experience. Honestly, it’s dealing with a few new receivers and tight ends, but it’s still not as far as you’d like.

Austin Bryant

Bryant already has a very difficult journey to the 53-man squad after Detroit added some defenders off-season advantage. On Thursday, he got injured from most of the exercises. Bryant just can’t afford to waste time right now as the most important thing is to make the most of every moment he enters the roster.

Lions tight ends

While Zylstra caught one nice route, the cramped spot in Detroit hasn’t sparked much optimism so far. With the departure of TJ Hockenson and rookie James Mitchell, this is a great opportunity for someone to jump into position number two. Garrett Griffin and Derrick Deese skipped Thursday practice, Zylstra had a bad relegation, and I haven’t seen Brock Wright manage to catch a single shot during the entire training session.

Maybe a cramped room in Detroit will be fine when Mitchell and Griffin return, but for now it looks like the Lions need some backup.

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