Detroit Lions will join Indianapolis Colts for joint camp training

After being unable to organize joint training sessions outside of the 2020 or 2021 season, largely due to COVID-19 restrictions, Detroit Lions will join the Colts for camp training in Indianapolis this fall.

The Lions will face the Colts in the second week of preseason and join them at their training facility the week before the game.

“We’ll be with the Colts,” said coach Dan Campbell at his beginner press conference at the mini camp. “We’re going out to them this week.”

This is the second time in recent history that the Lions and Colts have shared a training ground, but the teams are in completely different places than before. While the Colts are still riding the carousel as quarterback – this season they sold Carson Wentz and swapped for Matt Ryan – the rest of their roster is very solid, including one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

Campbell saw the benefits of collaborative practices on Friday.

“I think you have two really good (exercises),” said Campbell. “First, it’s a change in intensity because you’re fighting a different opponent. Sometimes, even as intensely as you are trying to do your own practice, just to be able to face another opponent, you just cancel the stakes. It equalizes the intensity you need. Their bodies need it. They are competition. Just raising a little stakes is a long way for your guys. So to be able to win two really good days against them – and then the pre-season game for sure – I think it changes the training camp, but increases the intensity and competition again. And other competition is always good. ”

There should be another interesting chapter in Hard Knocks this summer.

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