Former “early favorite” Lions HC Matt Patricia who called for games for the Patriots “… offensive

The Detroit Lions aren’t the only team still working on who will invite them to play this fall.

After Josh McDaniels took over as the next Las Vegas Raiders head coach, the New England Patriots have neither an offensive coordinator nor a person to play. This has left a fairly significant vacancy in the coach line-up, and New England seems poised to make an unconventional decision regarding their offensive interlocutor.

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, the Patriots seem to be considering three options: allow coach Bill Belichick to call for offensive moves or entrust these duties to offensive assistants Joe Judge or … former Lions coach Matt Patricia.

Although his official Patriots title is “Senior Soccer Adviser”, Patricia has switched to the offensive side of the ball this off-season this season. He worked closely with the team’s offensive line (the team only has assistant Offensive Line Coach) this off-season season in which he began his adventure with the Patriots in 2004-5.

Now it looks like he is seriously considering calling this side of the ball.

“Belichick has not yet decided who will call the shows during the season, but according to the source, it is headed towards Patricia,” wrote Howe. “Patricia and the judge are gearing up for the possibility of forming a party, but Patricia’s burden this spring suggests he is the first favorite to deal with the responsibility.”

In Detroit, Patricia spent most of her time defending. Under his reign, that side of the ball gradually worsened, starting at 16th in goal defending and then falling to 26th and 32nd in his second and third years. Unfortunately, it wasn’t much better with their offensive, finishing 25th, 18th and 20th in their three-year career.

Good luck, Patriots.

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