Lions DT John Penisini announces his retirement

Detroit Lions in the nose John Penisni announced on Instagram early Saturday morning that he was leaving the NFL just two years after starting his career.

“I have made the decision to retire from football,” wrote Penisni. “I will definitely miss my teammates and the coaching staff, but I am glad to have had the opportunity to experience it. I am happy and excited about what life has for me. To my family, friends, teammates, coaches and all the people who supported my dream along the way, I appreciate and love you. Go Lions.

The Penisini was captured by the Lions in the sixth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. It was initially prepared for the Lions nose under Matt Patricia 3-4, but was tighter in a new Detroit defense under Aaron Glenn which features a more offensive front rather than a double-looped scheme that matched Penisini. better skill set.

Although Penisini did not give a reason for his retirement, it is worth noting that there was quite a serious injury on the defensive in 2021. According to head coach Dan Campbell, calcium deposits the size of a softball were deposited in his arms.

“John Penisini had what looked like a softball in his arm, which he fixed after the season after the fact,” explained Campbell. “It just looked like the clump of calcium that was there. You wonder why, when you watch a movie last year, why is he not using his hand. This is because he had problems. It’s a merit that he survived this and all these things.

Penisini did not report to the compulsory Lions mini camp this week, but the Lions were aware of this, and clearly gave Penisini the opportunity to retire on his terms. Penisini’s career in the NFL ends with 32 games played, 12 starts and 49 bounces, and one bag.

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