Mailbag: How much should Detroit Lions fans be drinking Kool Aid now?

There is no time to be more optimistic as a Detroit Lions fan than after the NFL Draft. Since 2002, they had 14 types in the top ten, which can bring a lot of excitement and optimism to the team. This year the Lions had two Top 12 picks – for the first time since 1950. Obviously people are very excited.

But it feels a little different to your typical post-sketch hopium. We tested nearly 5,000 of you here at the Pride of Detroit to give a rating to the 2022 team, and 75 percent of you gave them a rating of A. I mean, so far, the highest marks the team has received in at least six years.

The optimism doesn’t just come from Lions fans though. NFL bosses believe the Lions are working better than ever. And representatives of the national media say things like this:

“This team is going to different places and still has two players in the first round to think about for 2023. You can be excited about the future of Lviv. “

Of course, some Lions fans – myself included – are very skeptical of the national optimism. Detroit has been repeatedly pushed as a potential surprise team, only to be incredibly disappointed with the inevitable results.

But there is something about it that seems different. Detroit has undergone a major redevelopment – something to which they haven’t committed themselves in a long time. There is a fairly clear vision and the Detroit coaching staff seems quite competent. NFC North is full of turmoil and the Lions schedule looks favorable.

So … how good can this season be?

This is one of the main themes of this week on Spotify Live where you can ask yourself, Erik Schlitt, and Ryan Mathews any question you see fit. This week a lot of Lions fans called in high spirits and it was hard to soften expectations because, to be honest, we are getting high now too.

Here are some of the topics we’re discussing this week:

  • Is NFC North to be won this year?
  • How good can Ben Johnson’s and Lions’ attack be in the first year of coordinating?
  • Is the odds for Dan Campbell’s coach of the year (+2000) a good bet?
  • Will the defense take a strike from Aaron Glenn in the second year?
  • What are the weaknesses of this list that should ease expectations in 2022?

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