Notes: Detroit Lions receive an A- rating on the PFF’s overall “Out of Season Assessment”

Between Free Agency and Conscription, the Detroit Lions scored top marks for taking advantage of these opportunities to successfully bolster their squad with a series of strategic moves.

For the most part, major changes to the 2022 roster are almost over. Monson himself of the PFF used Lions’ free grades and work grades – both awarded during those periods – along with front desk employment and coaching degrees to come up with composite, overall assessment in the off-season.

First, Lions received an “Above Average” rating for their slow agency moves.

“DJ Chark is an excellent example of what kind of gambling teams should adopt in the audience. He has the rare tools of speed and physicality, but he has yet to put it all together, ”writes Monson.

As for the draft, Detroit scored the highest possible score – the coveted A +.

“Aidan Hutchinson’s landing in second place is a gift that Lions must have considered the unlikely result for most of the trial,” the analyst writes, adding that it could be a cornerstone of a defense with tons of young talent.

By combining these two and a few other elements, Lions took an A-rating in the off-season. The only thing Detroit really didn’t do was provide a quarterback for the franchise, but Monson cleverly points out that perhaps it wasn’t even scheduled for this part of the multi-year redevelopment.

“There is no guarantee that it was ever planned at this stage because you could always plan that it would be Year 3 when everything else is in place,” he said.

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