Notes: DJ Chark tells why mental health is so important to him

It took too long, but the public (slowly) seems to accept that mental health is real and should be discussed. This was not necessarily the case last year. Seeking help or therapy would be seen as a sign of weakness. I know from my own experience that this way of thinking was common in the military, which it doesn’t really do everyone meaning.

People, especially athletes, were often expected to solve their problems on their own, without any outside help. Finally, this antiquated stigma is beginning to fade away.

Mike O’Hara of sat down with Detroit Lions’ broadband receiver, DJ Khark, to discuss mental health awareness that Chark has talked about in the past.

When asked about the transition that took him from the Jacksonville Jaguar to Detroit, Chark certainly seems pleased with how things are going.

“I like it,” said Chark after a staged training session at Allen Park. “You are never in the wrong circle. If I’m behind a defensive, linear or defensive back it’s quite easy to initiate a conversation or be in a conversation which is cool for me as a new guy.

Originally voted 61st in the 2018 NFL draft by Jaguars, Chark spent the first four seasons in the series – including tumultuous The 2021 season in which the young receiver missed most of the year due to an ankle injury.

Khark touched on the stigma surrounding sanity and the courage to seek help initially. You can read the full article here.

Now let’s move on to the rest of today’s notes:

  • Second-year defender Ifeatu Melifonwu may be asked to play several positions this season. Dave Birkett of the Free Press has more.
  • In my opinion, the right Madden video game hasn’t been good for a long time. Still, this cover is amazing. For once, a good job by EA. Now fix the franchise mode. Please.
  • Lions are doing their part to spread awareness and recognition during Pride Month.

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