Oklahoma Writer: Round 6 Lions Pick Malcolm Rodriguez Should Adapt Quickly To The NFL

Detroit Lions fans really wanted a linebacker in the 2022 NFL draft. They talked about it all out of season and almost everyone included the Lions linebacker in their seven-round practice drafts. I know you can. The Lions walked away from some of the more famous guys, and on day three the Lions finally picked up an Oklahoma linebacker, Malcolm Rodriguez.

There are many things to like about Rodriguez. He has plenty of athletics, rating RAS 9.48. He won elite ranks in the 40-yard (4.52) race, aileron (4.13) and three cups (7.02).

However, he will likely have to climb up the chain when he gets to Detroit. There’s a reason the Lions didn’t pick up the linebacker sooner is because they probably like the group they have right now and didn’t feel they had to make big changes this off season. So it is more than likely that Rodriguez will have to pay off his duties under the Lions Special Teams unit.

We wanted to know more about Rodriguez, so we got in touch with the gang that is taking the time to cover the Oklahoma state for SB Nation: gang in The cowboys drive for free. Cowboy expert Ian Nikkel he was happy to answer a few questions for us. Here’s what he had to say:

What are your general thoughts on Rodriquez’s time at OK State?

Malcolm Rodriguez was the Cowboys defense anchor last year. This year there is no defense of the Cowboys without Malcolm. Last year he was all over the pitch doing plays.

What are its strengths?

“His strengths are his fighting skills. This season, he had a total of 123 pickups and 14 losers. Because he was a state wrestling champion during his high school days. Hits hard and always goes 100%. He has also been one of the team captains for the past two seasons.

What are his weaknesses?

“His great weakness is something he cannot change, his height. At 5 feet 11 inches, Rodriguez is a lot smaller compared to the freaks of nature coming out of the project like Quay Walker from Georgia. Another minor point is that while it may rush QB, it doesn’t have a ton of bags.

Is Rodriguez a project? Or is it a diamond in the rough that is ready to use?

“Last year, Malcolm was in his fifth year his senior, most of the time it was like a man playing with boys. He should be able to adapt to the NFL quickly.

Did the Lions find the theft?

I would like to think so. I believe he was predicted anywhere from the late fourth to fifth rounds. So getting Malcolm in the sixth round is a good value. I think it fits very well with Detroit. I think he and Dan Campbell have the same mentality of being hardworking, showing fortitude, and just loving football. So I think he might be a fan favorite in Detroit.

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