Summary of Brad Holmes’ appearance in the podcast on “The GM Experience”

Former Atlanta Falcons CEO Thomas Dimitroff, listed as one of our Notes articles on Thursday, posted an episode of a podcast the next day with current Detroit Lions CEO Brad Holmes. The podcast titled “The GM Experience” is available on various platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The series is a nice project that takes about a year to develop, but as a listener it’s clear that there is a more personal bond between Holmes and Dimitroff. Indeed, at the beginning of the recording, Dimitroff even admits that (18:26 in the Spotify episode):

It was there that I knew, even from our early discussions, that we had a bond that I appreciate – and I’m not deceived about it. Sometimes I get the feeling, “ah, there’s something about this cat that I think has an interesting element of connection.”

More important than any particular statement or story is the general atmosphere of the conversation. The biggest statement from a podcast episode really had nothing to do with any one topic. Rather, it is a sense of character, confidence, and worldview expressed by Holmes. Our Jeremy Reisman is on site:

When you listen to the podcast, they talk about the shared experience of moving from university scouting director to CEO (Dimitroff’s hiring Atlanta came from spot as New England university scouting director), but even more similarities and compatibility are at work. Holmes provided lessons and stories multiple times during the episode from his former boss (the current CEO of the Los Angeles Rams) Les Snead, crediting Snead for teaching him a lot and influencing his personal development. Again, this is a link between the two as Snead has been the director of Dimitroff’s players staff in Atlanta for years. When Brad Holmes talks about the importance of being authentic, he describes a philosophy that may have come straight from Thomas Dimitroff.

So it’s no surprise that there is a feeling of closeness and familiarity during a podcast episode; they are two football professionals who have a lot in common below the surface. Now it’s an hour to talk about organizational vision and management, not hot shots of the working season. To give you an idea of ​​the kind of conversation Dimitroff has with Holmes, here’s Dimitroff at the end of the hour-long conversation (1:00:43 in the Spotify episode):

I wanted to make sure we were talking about various things – it wasn’t about who you pick in the fourth round or who your fifth linebacker is. I couldn’t turn over it. It was about the things of the bigger picture that I think could help a lot of people along the way. . . where people are able to listen to the human side of the CEO – and the CEOs in this league who have so much to offer insight into sports, but (also) business in general.

Ben Raven of MLive wrote an article about the podcast episode with some interesting quotes to check out there, but the general flow of the discussion was as follows:

2:11 to 12:36: Becoming a GM, experience from being director of college scouting straight to being CEO

13:00 to 30:55: Leadership and communication style, authenticity, dealing with the unexpected and the importance of having a good team

31:05 to 46:45: Managing the GM relationship with the coach, interactions with the owner and chairman of the team, and continuing the “learning to lead”

46:46 to 58:30: Diversity and inclusion in the league and Lions, the importance of developing up and down the entire hierarchy at all levels to create a talent pool and respect work-life balance

In total, over 67 minutes will take a while to complete, but I agree with Mike (and Jeremy) that this worth listening to. Now let’s move on to the rest of today’s notes:

  • In Erik Schlitt’s project summary we saw that the wingers are very often linked to the Lions with their 32 pick and their two selections on the day. Here’s Ryan Kartje of the LA Times with some information showing the team is doing due diligence on all broadband receivers, even those that are unlikely to be available:
  • Top of the hat for The Athletic Chris Burke for detecting this:

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