The Detroit Lions were 1 of 8 teams that made claims against DL John Cominsky

On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions were rewarded with defensive line John Cominsky on the NFL’s relinquishment wire, giving them another potential weapon on their highly reformed defensive line. However, Detroit wasn’t the only team interested in adding Cominsky. According to Field Yates of ESPNthere were seven other teams that applied for Cominsky’s waiver: Washington Commanders, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings, and Cincinnati Bengals.

Detroit has been awarded Cominsky because they have the highest priority for relinquishing out of eight teams, which is currently determined by the results in 2021. With a Lviv 3-13-1 record last season, they have the second highest priority in the NFL – just behind the 3-14 Jacksonville Jaguars. This means from now until the third week of the 2022 regular season (when the priority of the waiver is reset to current record), the Lions will be able to recruit any player on the waiver wire they like as long as the Jaguars do not claim that player as well.

It’s rare to see so much waiver of single player claims, especially a defensive lineman who has only one start and 1.5 slack in his account over three seasons. However, a closer look at Cominsky’s career shows why he can be so appealing to other teams. Cominsky, who was selected in the fourth round of the NFL Draft 2019 by the Atlanta Falcons, played mostly with special teams in his rookie season. But he made a significant step as a rotating defender in his next season, playing nearly 400 defensive snaps and producing 21 pressures and a decent score of 67.4 PFF in the process. He played up and down the defensive line, showing off his versatility, and his career seemed to be on the rise.

Then, in 2021, the Falcons hit the reset button on their franchise, remodeling their office and coaching staff. During this time, the Falcons have changed from a four-man front to a defense of 3-4, which does not play in Cominsky’s strengths. He only played four games last season.

In Detroit, Cominsky’s fit is obvious. It should be competing for a large defensive role in Detroit while still providing the same versatility it had in 2022, slipping inside from time to time.

He is young (26), well suited to the roster, has elite athletic qualities, and remains on his rookie contract, which is essentially an annual contract worth $ 965,000 in unguarded wages. No wonder that many teams have taken an interest in his services.

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