The NFLN only foresees a slight improvement for the Lions in match-by-game tips

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Record forecasts are always fun. Let’s make a party.

This is the time of year when Detroit Lions fans reach the pinnacle of their roller coaster of hope and predict winning records for 2022, but one NFL analyst isn’t so sure.

In an hour-long special episode For the NFL Network, analyst Adam Rank predicted record-breaking results for every NFL team in 2022 match-by-match. He addressed NFC North after about 10 minutes, starting in Detroit.

“They showed a lot of fight last season – will that translate into victories?” Rank asks.

He begins by predicting a season opener Lions defeat at Ford Field against the Philadelphia Eagles. Not a crazy take because, as you may remember – or maybe you blocked – last year, the Eagles performed an absolutely brutal beating 44-6. But Rank believes the Lions are recovering quickly, after which they beat the Washington Commanders at home as well.

Rank predicts the Lions will not be successful on the road against their rival Minnesota Vikings division, but without Russell Wilson they will overthrow the Seattle Seahawks back at home. Then Matt Patricia’s offensive game will be too strong for the Lions in New England and they will lose to the Patriots. (Cant wait to see your comments on this.)

Saying goodbye won’t help the lions much – Rank predicts they will lose three more games as they head to Dallas against the Cowboys and then return to Ford Field to face the Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers. However, he says they will break the losing streak in Chicago.

“I’m a fan of the Bears – I think (Dan Campbell) will beat them,” said Rank. “I think he will have one win over the Bears this season.”

Rank predicts a loss to both the New York Giants on the road and the Buffalo Bills at home. But then he has a surprising take on the Jacksonville Jaguars duel in Detroit.

“I know a lot of Lions fans look at it, labeling it a win – I don’t think so,” Rank said, tapping the red “L” on the monitor to lose.

He believes the Lions will defeat the Vikings in week 14 at home. Calling the New York Jets “the (Lions) team are in a very similar position,” Rank predicts Detroit will come to the top and beat them on the road. It won’t be the same story, however, against the Carolina Panthers, nor the Bears at home and the Packers in Green Bay. The ranking predicts Lions will hit 5-12 in 2022.

“At best, the intensity pays off, Lions are running to the playoffs. At worst, Jared Goff is your quarterback. That’s why you have five wins, but you know what, you’ll be able to tackle it in the draft, ”he said.

TL; DR –

  • versus Eagles – lost
  • versus commanders – win
  • @ Vikings – Lost
  • versus Seahawks – won
  • @Patriots – Lost
  • PA
  • @ Dallas – Lost
  • versus dolphins – loser
  • vs. Packers – a loss
  • @ Bears – Win
  • @ Giants – Lost
  • and bills – a loss
  • versus Jaguars – lost
  • vs Vikings – Win
  • @ Jets – win
  • @Pantery – Lost
  • versus bears – lost
  • @ Packers – Strata

In my humble opinion, the hour-long presentation of the ranking in each NFL team is impressive, you can view it in full here.

And for the rest of your notes.

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