The top 7 Detroit Lions must enter the NFL draft 2022

We finally did it. The NFL draft is tonight. No more draft sketches, end of conversation about which Detroit Lions guy they are going to take, and which part of the fans will be happy and not happy about it. I’m going to sleep for two weeks when it’s over.

With all this in mind, a few hours before Lviv starts working, it is time for us to sit down and really establish Lviv’s needs ahead of the project. Perhaps it will help Lions fans to guess what the band will do next. Let’s jump into it.

Edge pusher

The lions have to get to the playmaker really badly. In 2021, the team took third place from the bottom in the sacks, and the defense really paid for it in the leaderboard. The Lions have restored their 2021 leader Charles Harris, and their 2020 layoff leader Romeo Okwara also returns from a season-ending injury. Even so, Lions need their best dog in this position, and there’s a good chance the Lions feel that this guy will be theirs at two years of age.


It seems somewhat debatable whether the Lions need to rush to the podium to develop security this year. The team turned Tracy Walker and chose a safe starting caliber at DeShon Elliott at a free agency. Even so, Elliott signed a one-year deal, and security is drastically important in this defensive scheme. Don’t be surprised to see them take on this position in one of the first three types.

Wide receiver

It appears the Lions are currently stocked with a receiver, but apart from Amon-Ra St. Brown has no long-term options. DJ Chark may very well get back into Pro Bowl form in 2022, but with just a one-year contract, there is a chance he will leave Detroit after that. The Lions need a playmaker alum for St. Brown. Be on guard in the second round. Although The Lions waited until the last day of Day 3 and continued to score with Amon-Ra St. Brown. There is a chance they will do it again.


As with edges, Lions need guys who can improve their team’s defenses, especially in the midfield. Moreover, Derrick Barnes is the only Lions linebacker to sign outside the coming season. There is a ton of talent in this draft, and Lions will likely be looking at linebackers in the very first round.

Tight end

Here is a position that no one seems to be talking about. The Lions have a tight Pro Bowl tip at TJ Hockenson, but the cabinet is empty otherwise. There are many options in the design that Lions can get on day 3, but do the Lions feel they need it? They should if they don’t.

Offensive liner

Depth is the name of the game when it comes to the offensive line. So far, the team has a starter group capable of elite play and a promising bench guy at Evan Brown. Besides, there are many questions about the rest of the players. Lions could use depth to their guard and equipment, and this is available to them throughout the project. Since Lions have greater needs than this, this may be a need that won’t be met until day 3.

The quarterback

The Lions already have a starter for Jared Goff and despite a tough first half of the 2021 season, they’ve really shown what they can do in the last six games of the year. With the right calling to play and a renewed offensive with more talent and health, should the Lions see what they have? Or maybe they should try to get a quarterback in this year’s draft? If they decide to take the bait on Goff and look to the future, it will cost them, especially if they want to score the best setter, Malik Willis.

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