Watch: Highlights of Detroit Lions Chase Lucas College

After the NFL draft was finally selected for 2022, the Detroit Lions picked 237 to pick a corner, Chase Lucas of Arizona State University.

He arrived in Arizona in 2016, changing clothes for his first year on campus. From there, Lucas’s game began, with NFL legend and current Sun Devils head coach Herm Edwards. Then, in 2019, Edwards added another defensive-mind veteran to his staff, this time in the form of longtime NFL coach Marvin Lewis. Nice duo to lean on for a young defender like Lucas who is still learning the position.

As COVID shortened the university season in 2020, Lucas decided to return to Arizona in 2021 as his sixth senior year. He served as captain for the Sun Devils team, having a total of 34 bloopers and six missed passes during the final school season.

As a 25-year-old rookie, Lucas is in an interesting position. Ultimately, this is the seventh round selection added to the second room that currently has more questions than answers. Where will Jeff Okudah be in the recovery process before the season begins? The same question applies to Jerry Jacobs? Will someone like Mike Hughes be able to revive his career in Detroit?

Questions about a defensive defender abound, but one place where people start looking at Lucas who might be appropriate is the nickel corner position. Lucas doesn’t possess the elite high speed, but he has good speed at short distances and understands what’s going on in front of him. And one starting position that seems particularly turbulent, at least for now, is the position of the corner of the rift.

Initially, Lucas will likely have to gain game time through special teams. But if we’re talking about defensive snaps, perfecting the slot machine seems to be his fastest way to play as a rookie.

Let’s start our look at Lucas by watching a movie prepared by Lions.

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