Who is the top CEO of Detroit Sports right now?

There is a lot of excitement in the air when it comes to sports in Detroit. While none of the major sports seem to be able to make it into the playoffs yet, the vast majority of them seem to be in good hands and may not be too far away.

In late April, we saw Brad Holmes perform his magic, making moves to leave with two players in the Top 12. Last Thursday it was the turn of Pistons CEO Troy Weaver to do magic. After making a few moves, Weaver scored the two players he had looked at from the start: Jaden Ivey in fifth place overall and Jalen Duren in thirteenth place. By entering a free agency, they also have plenty of space to work.

The Red Wings are also in a great position with CEO Steve Yzerman who made his mark on Tampa Bay Lightning who – at the time of this writing – is still in a position to win his third consecutive Stanley Cup Championship. Yzerman has done a fantastic job for the team since he arrived, shedding bad contracts, adding young talent and raising assets for the future. Soon we will see if they are ready for the next step.

And finally, Detroit Tigers. Many believed that despite all the aforementioned positive emotions about Detroit’s other three major sports teams, the Tigers may have been the Detroit team closest to making the playoffs. That was until they started playing baseball this season and ended up back at the bottom of the table. It was a huge disappointment for a team that has been rebuilding itself for almost a decade. Al Avila took over as CEO of Tigers in 2015 and the situation has not improved significantly under his supervision. It seems to be going in the opposite direction to the other three grandmasters in Detroit.

Today’s question of the day is …

Who is the best GM in Detroit right now?

This is an extremely difficult decision to make and the only thing I’m sure of is putting Avila at the very bottom. Rest, I think you could argue for every order. Here’s how I would list them now:

1a. Steve Yzerman (Red Wings)
1b. Brad Holmes (Lions)
1c. Weaver Troy (Pistons)

4. Al Avivila (Tigers)

It seems crazy to me that Weaver isn’t taller after what he has done since he arrived adding so many young talent in just a few years, but that just goes to show how great a job Yzerman and Holmes have done so far. Not only did Holmes take over a run-down squad with very little talent, but also made a complete culture shift for a team that was in the wrong place due to the previous regime.

But it’s the Red Wings that are in the best hands right now. Yzerman is a proven grandmaster who has already done the job of building a caliber championship team before returning to Detroit. The achievements speak for themselves, and recently his first ever draft entry to Wings has just been won by the Calder Trophy (hockey equivalent of rookie of the year).

Your turn.


Who is the best GM in Detroit right now?

  • 1%

    Al Avivila (Tigers)

    (15 votes)

  • 36%

    Brad Holmes (Lions)

    (346 votes)

  • 23%

    Weaver Troy (Pistons)

    (220 votes)

  • 37%

    Steve Yzerman (Red Wings)

    (356 votes)

937 votes in total

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